Assessment System

Brent Assessment Route I Can System (BARICS)

What is BARICS?

We as an organisation had tried many assessment systems, but were always left frustrated by the sense that they seemed to focus on what pupils couldn't do, rather than celebrating what they could. These systems often showed little to no progress - progress that we, as educators, knew and could see was being made. So, we set about creating our own system, a system of "I cans" not "I can'ts".

Over a two year period, we built an assessment team comprised of teachers, subject leaders, therapists, and others, who wrote and rewrote the assessment statements, holding review meetings with our wider school team, as well as colleagues from other schools.

The result of that work is the 'Brent Assessment Route I Can System' (BARICS), a truly developmental, small step assessment system, including the Rochford Review's seven aspects of cognition, learning, and engagement – for pupils with or without a SEND diagnosis.

How does it work?

When designing the system we knew that it needed to be easy for anyone to use – both from a data input perspective and data processing/use perspective.

We tried a variety of data input methods, eventually deciding that entering the date was the simplest and most straightforward – while also allowing for easier data processing. From this point on, everything else is done automatically – there is no need to manually calculate anything yourself, the system does it all for you.

What have others said about it?

Oftsed Report, Manor School, 2016

“Leaders have developed a comprehensive assessment system which identifies exactly what each pupil can and cannot do. This system is informed by the expertise of speech and language therapists and occupational therapists on the school staff.”

“The assessment system is complemented by individual targets which are set for pupils in each of the key areas. A consistent structure is set by leaders which notes the level of help needed for pupils to achieve their targets. In this way, clear records are kept of the very small steps of progress made by pupils until they can achieve their target without support”

Mainstream Primary School SENDCo

“[…] I can now pinpoint very specific objectives/criteria that the children need to achieve. I found the layout straightforward to use. We are putting specific objectives on our planning so we can immediately highlight them as achieved, and move onto the next objective. The project has also helped me understand the individual needs of the children in a way that I can now understand their level of thinking and learning and pace of learning and understanding.”

BSAT School Staff

“B1-4 gives really good foundation for learning more complex skills”

“You see at a glance what each pupil needs to focus on”

“Easy to access, clearly developmental, assists interventions and writing of PIPs”

How can I find out more?

We believe the best way for you to find out more is by seeing the system in use, so encourage all those interested to book an appointment during in which we can give you a full demonstration of the system and answer any questions you may have.

Please e-mail to arrange an appointment.